Cell Phone Charging Station Kiosks in New York – 3 Ways to Protect Yourself

cell phone charging station kiosks

Cell phone charging station kiosks in New York have recently come under fire from security experts. Reports have shown that a charging kiosk can be vulnerable to viruses, allowing it to download data from a smartphone without its owner’s consent. While most cell phones are configured to take power and data from the same USB port, the kiosks could be introducing a malicious virus into your phone. Here are three ways you can protect yourself. Keep reading to learn more about cell phone charging station kiosks.

Airports: Cell phones are used by 70% of air travelers. However, most airports do not provide convenient outlets for cell phone charging. The Charge Carte mobile phone charging station, for example, is portable and takes up little floor space. It can be easily installed in a gate area, a business center, or a food court. A charging station kiosk can turn one standard outlet into a charging station for 12 cell phones. Business travelers rely on their cell phones for productivity, while leisure travelers rely on their phones to stay in touch with friends and family while traveling.

Mobile phone charging stations are convenient and profitable ways to draw foot traffic and increase sales. With a kiosk charging a cell phone, patrons can connect and charge their device at the same time, while digital ads are displayed on the screen. Adding charging stations to your retail store can boost foot traffic, generate a higher revenue, and attract a greater number of potential customers. This revenue-generating service also increases brand awareness and loyalty.

Chargers come in many different sizes and types. The wall mount model has eight universal connectors and six small pockets for phone and tablet charging. This model comes with a poster frame to advertise the charging station, and is great for retail stores because it can be placed in high traffic areas. One good location to provide iPhone charging is in the entrance of the store. This way, people can quickly charge their phone for free, and the free service is a big draw.

Another way to increase foot traffic is by advertising your cell phone charging station. Advertising is a great way to draw attention to a new store, and customers are more likely to return to a store if it is easy to find. Place window stickers, table signs, and posters around the store, and promote your charging station. You can even have your own branded charging station for your business. These branded devices can make your space more convenient for recharging mobile devices and keep customers coming back for more.

LinkNYC has recently begun installing its first LinkNYC kiosks in the Upper East Side. These kiosks will replace seven thousand pay phones with the new devices. The new LinkNYC kiosks are located on East 60th Street, 66th Street, and 68th Street. The LinkNYC kiosks have not yet been put online, so you’ll have to visit the stores in person to see them in action.